ThawraOnLine - By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem

The US midterm elections left no room for doubt that the internal conflict among the Americans reflects unprecedented tension, though the outcome ultimately did not resolve the debate over the personal role of President Trump and his administration in this crisis, and whether the election on that policy was serious or just a propaganda joke for the American administration, which offers an upside-down approach in its difference and agreement. The slogans and headlines that varied greatly produced in return a consensus on the details .. even in their demons?!

The worst is that the Democrats' return to the leadership of the House of Representatives. This does not reflect a kind of punishment for Trump's foreign policy, as some analysts said when Democrats failed to control the Senate. It doesn't reflect, also, the intent for real change, which its effect remains limited to the policies of conflicts between the two parties more than a different approach.
The difference here does not lead to a desired change, which some are trying to belittle waiting, especially that related to the strategies, and the limits of the American policy review in the West and East.
Similarly, Republican continuing control of the Senate seems to save the face, which the Trump administration faced about the popularity of the Republicans when the Democrats could not upturn the table as they were promoting in the face of Trump. On the contrary, he took the chance for counter attack that didn't delay in his announcing on his opponents within the Republicans before the Democrats.
This doesn't mean that the humiliating loss of the Republicans in some states has not been effective and painful, evidenced by the fact that the partial or half success that achieved by the Democrats could be a platform to target Trump and his position, which will be subjected to the attractions and to re-talk about the isolation on political backgrounds concerning the conflict between the two parties, and opens the door widely to the implications of the confused relationship that will negatively affect the atmosphere of coexistence by the results and new developments, while the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives was vowing of a new tomorrow or the main sign of waving of the conflict with the White House.
In the outcome of the final results, we are facing, in the final midst election, half success and half loss, which means in practice that America is the one, which does not allow either party to control its policy to the end, evidenced by that ruling elites from outside the walls of the White House and from outside the Congress, are the ones who control the fate of the US policy more than the executive and legislative authorities, which have always repeated that the presence of the president from here or there remains merely a formality change that does not affect the essence of the main system of the ruling class in the American decision.
This is true with the president and the institutions together. This affirms that the international relations are not about to reach the breakthrough sought by Moscow and other countries of the world that followed a glimmer of hope that did not come, when it realized that those results that combine half wins and losses are not reliable results. They are also not a positive sign that can be built on concerning the relationship with America and the relationship of America with the other, because the win is counted for the American class and its elites, while the loss affects the whole world .. !! 


Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf