By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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Six days until the date of Sochi meeting and the agreement signed by Russia and Turkey .. Six days may be enough to judge the declared and hidden intentions in the context of the real test, which is waiting for the Turkish regime and its moderate and extremist mercenaries, where the difference that was reliable to hide behind the terms, is almost fading while the regional stage is prepared for days of political decisiveness at least, though the international scene has preceded by escalation and heating on the fronts of open targeting, which Idlib agreement will not be outside it.

In a preemptive operation, it seems that the war of open and closed times is raging in the face of conflicting information and ambiguity surrounding the fate of the terrorists, whom Turkey wants to protect them guaranteeing that they will never have the final fate that prevents them from reaching any confrontation, which its possibilities increase on the impact of the troubles that started to be emerged in the Turkish approach hesitating about them, and the difficulty of obtaining enough to save face with Russia and others, despite the Western escalating riots that try to alleviate the Turkish intractable cases of position.
Turkey's leaked demand to postpone the supposed date about two weeks and thus give additional time to hand over the weapons of the terrorist organizations, provides ample indication of the impasse faced by the head of the Turkish regime at a time when the circulated information from Idlib indicates the exacerbation of intra-conflicts among the terrorist organizations between those who are rejecting the idea and who are refusing to begin implementation, and perhaps, at a later stage, if the position get out of the control of Erdogan's regime itself.
Russia's assurances, concerning the deadlines came to remind of the expected end to which the agreement will end, were a clear and explicit attempt to the Russian adherence to the agreement on the one hand, and a clear warning message about the consequences of non-implementation on the other hand, where the threads held by Moscow increasingly consistent despite the repercussions facing double and perhaps complex impasse, on the other hand, while the complexities become more difficult over time, with the rise of the political bottlenecks and solutions become more impossible.
The political game has reached its end. The war of deadlines is shared by Turkey and the West on the basis of political and intelligence pressure to prevent Turkey from being dragged into the besieged box by Russia, based on the pledges the Turkish side made and boast of, repeatedly, accompanied with an escalation started by the terrorist organizations to move from the limited provocation to the context of the opening of postponed fronts, including the countryside of southern Aleppo, where the breach is repeated publicly under the Turkish eyes, if not encouraged by the intelligence services by coordination with them.
The six days here are not just dates that pass through their hours, but accrued benefits demanded in public in terms of the existing situation and details attached with emergency doses by the aggression system, which was delayed for a long time, and perhaps came in stoppage tome. All that in the Western quagmire today is re-blowing in the ashes of cards, which were burned by political developments, while the field's coordinates are sowing their ashes on the next confrontation arena, which indicates that the open-ended war is closing by the deadlines. Perhaps, it is the time they were preliminary bombing of the battle, and may have been a little delayed, but there is no change of the sure result, since Idlib will be back to the Syrian state, as determined by the Syrians certainty, and as echoed by Moscow.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf