By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The American behavior emulates a provocative scene that is almost universally applicable to everyone, while Trump's administration's decision to reinstate or reactivate sanctions - as the Western discourse likes to call it – increases appetite to talk about the logic governing the Western politics in general and the US ones in particular to understand the concept of sanctions, which has become by the consensus of the majority of politicians and in the light of the experiences leading to them, the weapon of the weak more than expressing anything else, despite contradicted interpretations that show a part of the use of surplus of the economic power and perhaps political one as an open gateway to militarization.
Trump's trade wars have become an integral part of the international scene, and have become a weapon targeting peoples and nations. This leads to the literal translation of the statement "you are either with us or against us", which expresses the situation of the Europeans confused about the re-imposition of the US sanctions as they find themselves forced to engage in cheap bargaining, either to keep up with the Americans or to abandon their interests in the nuclear agreement and to prepare for a long list of dangerous possibilities, the least of which will be the direct and indirect reflection of repercussions and long chain of chronic structural crises, which Europe dare not to enter into its open mazes.
Europe, which was once behind the heresy of the international sanctions, and was historically the first to be used for political goals being complicated with the resulted harbingers, looking for outlets that seem to be closed as a result of the American recklessness, and sometimes an unjustified pettiness that reaches the limits of folly, threatening to open fronts that will be difficult to close, or at least to deal with the catastrophic results that will lead to it, at a time when Europe is not afraid of America's exploitation of the European situation facing the most difficult times historically in terms of retreat on the world stage, where internal and external crises are hitting the European position, escalating the difficulty of the possible confrontation increasing the European compliance at the end!!
This Europe continues to insist to dive in the same bottom, when it reintroduces the same logic in dealing with the issues of the region, specifically with regard to the logic of coercive and unilateral sanctions, adding rashness for the sake of paid deals, especially when it is linked to the desire to appease the American at the expense of the international relations and the fundamentals of dealing among states. It is trying hard to use it as an excuse to interfere in the internal affairs under false and deceptive slogans, as it refreshes its colonial despicable ambitions.
The European colonial legacy is not only here, but almost includes the various political aspects that shows the obsession with those ambitions. The American infection to evoke this legacy or to transfer it by dependency, is like a burden on the Europeans. It has kept Europe captive to this dependency. Perhaps, it is the moment you are preparing to pay the bitter bill due to the accumulation of political and non-political errors, up to the absence of influence and decay of the European role, which was effective and influential in the past, which it is difficult to imagine its return, and may be impossible to approach.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf