By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The Syrians open their old books in search for what they have written in the memories of Syria's liberation. They are more sure that the next days are covered by a list of existing challenges that impose in large part open confrontations with the aggression system, in which the hierarchy of roles is varied. They test by their experiences a lot of these aggressive faces with additions that came to provide free services to the forces of the colonial Western powers including terrorist tools, organizations and mercenaries.
The list goes on and on. The possibilities varies, even though many of them seem to be ambiguous, in the shadow of cries, which almost draw closed lines of riddles and puzzles that complicate the political current climate in and outside the region. The features of an international confrontation are drawn on the international platforms while the facts, dangers, wars, consequences and repercussions monopolize their scenes all over the region, which has never reach to the bottom it faces. Arabian and many of the Arab arrows and stabs directed to be different with its history, and opposite to its existence, conscious and lost pulse in the veins missed by blood, and been muted but in line with the American hegemony and its colonial tails, which awaken greedily unprecedented greed, and met at a summit of humiliation and in the Kingdom of humiliation at the time of humiliation.
Anyway, it is difficult to have the comparison between the dawn of April 15, 2018 and the dawn of the seventeenth of April 1946, yet the Syrians repeat this comparison with the gates of the conflict that targets them in their present and future, where colonialism at that time had its characteristics, components and tools, while today it adds many tools, mercenaries and terrorists, accumulating the rulers of this number of states and the sheikhdoms and the like countries, starting from the Kingdom of Wahhabism, but not to end with the Jordanian protection, passing through the State of Great Qatar and the great empires of the UAE to the Kingdom of Great Bahrain .. And what is emerged to the list from Arabs and Arabians and the likes in the south and north over an Arab existence having lost their identity, features, history, presence and entity.
The Syrians do not count on them and do not blame them, because blame provides them with a value they miss. The Syrians are, today as they were yesterday, going on fighting the battle of will and certainty that they have it from the dawn of history, when the first signs of civilization, which were formed on the banks of their rivers and coasts and between the plains, deserts and valleys .. They did not bet because they did not depend or count on others, because they accustomed to rely only on themselves and their energies and potentials and those who are with them from friends and allies and brothers, paving together the way of struggle and confrontation, achieving their victories, and offering their sacrifices so the Syrian blood get mixed with theirs on the Syrian soil. The others were not presented or registered on the lists of attendance, but they were there at the side of enemies, traitors, conspirators, aggressors, murderers and blood shedders, together with the conspirators from political dealers for the sake of money.
The Syrian independence was achieved by the will of the Syrians, and by their heroisms and sacrifices, by their resistance to colonialism and rejection of all forms of attempts to destroy them under titles and headings that were in the same content, even if the names differed. The Syrian liberation was a turning point in the history of the region and a major shift in the confrontation. It signed the end of the old colonialism even if it took some of the time .. Today, they draw by their will and steadfastness the features of the stage under titles of heroism and sacrifice .. They offer humanity a historic and civilized role, contributing to the launch of a stage that will be a major turning in the history of the international relations, signaling the dawn of the world order that the peoples are waiting for to escape from the hegemony of tycoons, money traders and colonialists.
Between yesterday and today, long decades have passed, major changes in history, geography and politics, sharp turns, wars, conflicts, alliances and conflicts by varied forms and models. But in the people's standard, there is only a round of repetition, even if not according to the view of "history repeats itself". According to the Syrian certainty, it is one of the rounds of conflict and a battle in a long war, which they will eventually write its conclusions and results, and they will confidently determine its maps and coordinates.
It is only the victor who will draw the maps. The Syrians are renewing their victory, waiting for their maps and coordinates, not only in geography, but also in politics, and international relations besides the new world order as well.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf