By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The Saudi-Israeli relationship was not only a result of leaks and conclusions, whether it was premeditated or deliberate, or was a goal in itself. It almost had its agendas and objectives. It was probably the outcome of understandings on timing and method, up to the details, which are revealed in succession, and to get equal at the end, whether hidden or public, as an integral part of the case of involvement in the project with its two holders; the Wahhab Takfiri side and the Israeli terrorist one.

This is paralleled with the American talk about the next procedures of the American administration representing the last preparing steps to announce the full partnership in the "Deal of the Century", which the American media has already promoted. It is preceded and followed by the leaks and proposals that look in the scenes of the alternative homeland, which their last one was not Sinai or Jordan, followed by Israeli internal quarrels about the best and the easiest one.
Apart from the considerations that prompted the Americans to engage directly as the main guarantor of the deal to be completed, a number of data are emerging on the margins that highlight the tools that have become a subsequent victim of the deal, with which it is forced to declare a refusal that is not sufficient in principle to renounce it, as the final outcome, which is almost zero in terms of political output, in addition to the continuing erosion of its other roles.
The American pressure and the Israeli escalation, and the Saudi arrogance in publicly game, posing its long-delayed questions, which have long been a subject of intense debate. But its manifestation to the public was the most problematic issue that would arise, for the mechanisms of implementation, passing through the formations that record their presence in the context of political obstacles, devising a set of side indicators as a reaction that tries to re-adapt positions and feed them to the size of their greed and a lot of wishes.
But what can be taken from the general context of these indicators together doesn't come in the field of imagination by assumption, and depends on false equations based on the difference of what will result, especially those related to the size of rebounds to eliminate all evidence, since what is difficult to equate the American-Israeli-Saudi triangle adopted by investing in Terrorism, and taking it as a platform for political and non-political waving, producing different scenes .. The limits and the ceiling of their expectations do not match the inputs that the US tried to devote, since the terrorist project is gone without drawing room for other options. It is not better than previous situation to provide the organizations, which met the tools and mercenaries, where the fulcrums fade, and lag behind catching up with the developments leading to the assertion that it is early to start performance.
Because of the utmost necessity of the critical stage between the existing postponement and the subsequent one, the factors overlap to become a double mixture of political and non-political polemics, the least of which are the power-holders at the other end, which accumulate their cards. If naive interpretation imposes a series of erroneous indicators, the greatest delusion lies in the interpretation of equations on the basis of the total absence of the other party, and what cannot pass over the years and decades will not be destined to pass now.
In the end, the region is facing a devastating scenario that its deal is to be accomplished, and desperately tries to impose a fait accompli and to take up the policy of nibbling step by step, and now it is preparing to throw the last thing in its quiver with its last arrows. If the plan passes, the region must prepare for a scenario of fragmentation, which will leave only the Arab situation as ruins so it cannot be relied upon. This is difficult to be adopted because many stages of weakness have plagued the Arab situation. It has been subjected to conspiracy from every side, but it has been hard to be taken as long as the nation's conscience is moving and drawing its headlines and principles. So, as long as the game is open and public, every context a saying.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf