By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The ink of the joint Russian-American statement has not dried up yet when the interpretations preceded it, while contradicted explanations terminate much of it or what was hoped of it, because the Americans hastened to what they considered the necessities of extensive explanation, presenting a political reading leaked through the American officials with their multiple references blowing the base of the statement, and putting a huge number of question marks about its purpose and goal, if it will be followed by corrections and explanations to take from its positive points where it should add and add where it should delete.

This American retreat wasn't surprised. It is also wasn't surprised to finally lead to dangerous changes in its sides. This was accompanied by a series of indicators that added more ambiguity to the American behavior. These indicators began with the ramifications of the relationship with ISIS and its repercussions that are not get enough with the American direct contribution to support the said organization, but also to raise the pace of coordination to be a part of the components of the American mercenary's system that extends deeply in the case of Da'esh, but not to end with the American leaks themselves relating to consider the statement as a mere material for media consumption and political absurd propaganda, passing through the regional case and the scene of calculations and equations that change according to their impact on the interactions of US relationship with those tools and beyond.

The Russian talk about the essential role of a third party contributed to attack of Da'esh or its attempt to launch a counter-attack against Abo Kamal. This is not just an accusatory position outside the context of the political situation. It is not isolated from the attempt to establish outside the diplomatic system and its consequences, since what is happening will remain a parallel context, which it works to enhance its presence, to be an indication of future political formulations, which its first doesn't appear in the sharp differences on the stage of world events, especially as the points fueling conflict remain open until further notice. The most importantly their possibility of expansion and continuity, and the consequences trying to lean on the fight against terrorism, considering it as a lever for Political raging confrontation on various fronts.

Despite the certainty that it is impossible to separate the regional issues or to isolate their elements and keeping them out of the context of direct influence and the implications associated with the instruments of the conflict, it will also be impossible to conclude an agreement or find a compromise for complicated conflicts in their regional engagements, or at the very least, the search for common elements, which seems difficult to be available under the current circumstances, because they have conflicting interests based on dual-use formulas, which serve the US interests seem to be repellent and harmful to others, and vice versa.

The irony is that the American is not interested in looking for exits despite the swellings that appear in approaches and the state of stalemate that sometimes appears. There is nothing oblige the US to do so, as long as the American interests, until the moment, are totally realized, without any consequent obligation, and without paying anything, where the US administration finds an opportunity to use in wasting time, as long as those interests in the end to be achieved, albeit to varying degrees.

This is not to question about the possibility of finding solutions, or about the possibility of the US administration sitting on the table or not, but in the context of a real understanding of the outcomes of the political reality, where America does not care much about the interests and fate of its tools, and it is still the same that can turn at the moment it believes in the usefulness of initiative, not the one dictated by the interests of its instruments.

Perhaps, it is only the field that comes back to impose its rhythm despite the American continuous troubles around it. It will remain the only constant, and perhaps the point of reliance on any course, because diplomacy has its rites and scenes of presence that remain without real balance outside the effects of the field and its coordinates.

Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf