By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The comparison between what is happening in Iraqi Kurdistan and what is happening in Europe may not be true, starting with Catalonia and not ending with some Italian regions. This comparison may not be logical under conflicting data and sometimes contradicted reasons, but it enforces itself under the separatist tendency case, which its contagion spreads like wildfire, leaving behind huge areas, which are torn by the winds of political desires, wishes and sometimes hatreds. The most important political puzzle remains with its motives and reasons driving those fingers, which move these trends to apply pressure on the trigger of contradictions to ignite more fires in a selective manner.

In the approaches that dealt with the Catalan case and the consequent separatist infection, where the European provinces and counties are competing for separation, questions arise as a problematic relationship between the right of various secessionist claims and the sovereign right of States, which seems to be of different aspects and different explanations according to the political situation, and sometimes in accordance with the whims of the interests that govern it, and at other times, it goes to others' position. So, what is right here may not be permissible there, and what is right in some cases becomes violation of the law requiring prosecution when it turns into a scene of political alignment accompanying the fronts it fuels them.
In the world of a post-era economic blocs that prevailed after the world cold war and what followed added to the global trend towards greater convergence on the basis of economic and utilitarian interests, it is widely believed that the era had only more pressure on weak points and their bearers with the current imbalances in their details, which some attribute to the state of oppression practiced by America and the West in general, and the imposition of political power based on the economic situation, which has placed a position ahead in the reasons of the subsequent separatist tendency.
The Kurdistan region was a shock for the countries of the region, as a product which its seeds were swollen by the consequences of the American invasion and the disasters it brought to the region, though it wasn't the first factor, where the separatist tendency is largely dominated by an economic struggle and turbulence and illusions fueled primarily by colonialist tendencies, and some neighboring countries in the region and beyond were trapped as a result of immediate ambitions and suspicious interests associated with a part of the utilitarian returns without taking into account the consequences, which were exploited horribly after the entire region suffered of generalization of chaos and devastation resulting from using and investing the terrorist factor in the system of aggression.
These data are largely absent in the Catalan situation, and sometimes contradicts with it. The European equations that produced an economic bloc that wanted to occupy its political space were plagued by a generation of politicians who lacked experience and ambition. They don't even have the needed ambition so they get drawn in a quagmire of deals at the expense of the popular scene, which remained late to capture the initial outputs of the basis of this awful policy, during which the politicians made a number of fatal errors in their approach to the future of the European Union, without taking into account the stormy changes which witnessed by European life in the last two decades. The question remains about the fragile link on the level of comparison without taking into account its causes and factors, which lead to the conclusion that the difference is not in its economic and social dimension, and not in the wide disparity between the effective factors but in the arrogant behavior and greed that ruled the European elites in this era .
The separatist tendency found its fertile soil in European politics, and devoted later by the American practice inherited because of its hegemony so it swollen in the west and east, equating countries that suffer severe structural problems moving towards producing their national project, with those seeking to reach the threshold of political welfare, though some appear as swellings of political luxury. This scene is rolling to take the project with its technical and illegitimate nature by its political edition in order to face the bitter truth of which the East suffers today – as a result of Western ambitions - because of West's swollen greed where the difference decreases to the lowest levels to end the difference so the project of separation in Catalonia, with its historical dimension, and its repercussions on Europe, which reached a stage of old age, mimics the project of separation in Kurdistan with its catastrophic dimensions carried by Western alternative projects, or at least their updated versions, after Sykes Picot having reached late aging .. The European fingers in both cases are there: one because of the ambitions of European politicians and American-Israeli investment in the project of terrorism promoting those ambitions, and the other result is because of the inability and unfair use of European heritage and its colonial influences.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf