ThawraOnLine - By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The relationship between Jiroud's battles, which are militarily ended, and the fronts of the politically overlapping borders with the Badia battles on the latitudes and longitudes, while re-forming the coordinates of the field maps that are more complicated than the political complexes themselves, though in the context of the achievements that have been completed to this moment, to make a coup in the calculations and equations, leading to an assertion that both political and field effects are the most obvious turning point in the concerns of parties, powers and states that are now re-calculating. The most obvious of the reasons beyond concerns that reach many mercenaries, opponents and stars of hotels which show their weary of the length of their stay .. !!
The Second Badia Battle, if the name is correct, draws by its new fronts the dividing line between a series of intersecting lines in the map of the regional and international scene, while defining the features that were never been so clear, where recording its attendance on the impact of variables that the policy cannot accommodate them nor being able to surround their repercussions, even if they were tempted to do so, as before, when they were mapping the field coordinates by the political criteria, while today they are forced to keep pace with developments in a race against time to reschedule new appointments, at a time when politics is panting behind what the field is accumulating on open fronts, which were until recently not included in the discussion table.
In parallel, the political burdensome of the political and organizational terrorist groups take on the concerns of changing accounts and inverted equations, where the approach based on western intentions is no longer finding any sense by going back to the old books or finding it excuses to get out of the quagmire, after that chronic drowning in the halls of the hotels far away from the political and media lights, while looking at the papers of the chronic differences, for the equation of mutual revenge and forced inter-accusation among the types of mercenaries and cheap tools, which recognized the absence of any use of beating a dead horse, requiring that Riyadh to ask directly from its cloned formations to get prepared to restructure its presence, specifically those sleeping in honey of its hotels.
It is clear that the differences are not new, nor good to be reliable, since we have already seen rolling chapters after each turning point and before each stage with titles different from previous ones, but they are an indicator in the context of accumulations of political and non-political reasoning, after Jiroud's battle finished to be at the stage of the process of demarcating its political chapters, which need some time, to end the debate and discussions around it and to absorb much of what has been gone and what has been resulted. The battles that were waiting to be re-positioned on the sides of the map of international approach and its complex calculations, weaving the timing and facts far away from any binding dates, while moving according to a curve or arc, expands as time, while going on, and growing as the accumulations increase in the field.
At this point, there are a number of accompanying readings, to what will be called later the resolution of borders' battles, and what they impose, and what may require in the context of the search for additional tables, in which the American is the first to aspire for taking advantage of time, having bet on it for a long time ago, and played on its contradictions longer, when he preceded others to show his cards and acknowledge, in advance, the futility of continuing to bet on losing tools, so was the decision to go back as a part of the options. This was never out of the calculations of the American decision maker, but he was a pioneer in capturing the moment with what it imposes, despite some surprises in the speed of performance. The urgent question is not about what to happen next? But about how that will happen and why? at a time when the US policy is taking a rough role in rotating the views of the international scene and announcing its delayed battles with Russia in the context of its sanctions, which may destroy all the understandings that have been achieved in the field.
The hammer formed by the battles of Jiroud imposed its rhythm to be a part of the restoration of control on the borders, to be met on the other bank with the open fronts of desert, which are also fuelling to bridge the separating gap, where what is true here must be accurate and effective there. The difference is not in the road and its multiple branches, but in the outcome or result that it expands the space free of terrorism, and lessen choices of its supporters, making the task of the sponsors difficult. Thus the first dance of arrogance, started by the US to be followed by the rest of the remaining, even if it seemed more urgent !!.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf