ThawraOnLine - By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
The American double escalation in politics and field raises the taboo questions about the US policy in the region and beyond, with what it may require of the functional arrangement of the tools of terrorism, while President Trump goes on his cheap bazar in the Gulf rivalry market, and picks up their first fruit from the Qatari pocket without too long waiting.
The step reflects a clear decision to invest in sheikhs' cracking on the one hand, and trying to catch the whole threads of the game in cases and files, which vary in degree of hotness on the other hand, without hesitation to pour oil on the fire where it subsided, up to rearranging the functional roles within the terrorist system from countries, states, entities, organizations and even mercenaries.

The American public access by its "sophisticated" weapons building points of concentration within the Syrian territory is not to confront ISIS, nor to strengthen its false and deceitful alliance. It is an American dangerous slip in practice, which is incompatible with the international legitimacy and lacks its legitimacy within the American institutions, since it is a single-step taken by an American reckless and wacky decision, revealing the lie of differences in the levels of the American decision, because any step in this direction cannot be done without a consensus at the highest levels of the American decision and according to the approval of various authorities.
The difficult questions that are automatically answered by any approach in this regard, come from the practical comparison with the concept of the American decision and its political implications, tools and means to reflect it on the ground at a time when the American confrontation with the world appears in various directions tending to contexts that seem much more difficult than expected, including withdrawal from the Paris Convention, but not to end with cancellation of what the previous administration have been agreed with Cuba, returning to hegemony, domination and threat of American force to solve problems and differences, down to the most cause for global concern about the various possibilities of the American trends after the erosion of its credibility, as it turns in its policy to a rogue state, more like an emerging entity where each administration undermines what preceded and eliminate what relate to it, and the most dangerous that they do not stop at any limits or deal with any ceilings.
In the political intersections with the scene by its various crumbling chapters based on criteria beyond the limits of the logical approach or removing them from their calculations by their titles as in partial details, it seems that the American escalation and return to threats, making a show of muscles of its militarily and politically power is just a preliminary bombing that is not getting enough with revealing destruction, but preparing for heated round of confrontation on the global level without taking formulas of the international relations and the dictations of verbal or written contracts with re-positioning in the functional roles of states, organizations and mercenaries.
Here, the dilemma of understandings with America appears as if it were beyond the mirage itself, since the agreements and even signed pledges have no political or moral value to the US current administration. So, what about unwritten understandings that seem closer to a patch of lies and a more serious context where the delusion swallows and lengthens to the point of ill stoppage in any talk about the American credibility.
If the Saudi billions of Dollars, which exceeded the hundreds did not work in attracting the US to be absolutely on her side, and if these billions didn't resolve the US position entirely, how dozens of them could stop the hidden or declared threat against the Qatari chiefdom? Because what we see is nothing more than the head of the iceberg in the Trump ambitions, and it is nothing more than a modest sample of business deals that have gone beyond political bribery and become closer to the political swollen tribute. So, Trump in the Saudi fatwa is actually sent to impose royalties according to the American cowboy mentality, but by updated copy based on the logic of profit and loss with the internationalization of the concept of management of the company on US policy itself.
The most dangerous is what leaked from the talk about plans, which seems as if that the Saudi Arabia enters from the door of the tax of prepayment or as part of the burden of the political undeclared deal, or as a trial copy of the new role and the functional task of the Saudi terrorism by its amended edition, including the case of switching caps, when the Americans funded Saudis by removing the hat of terrorist support from this faction to put it at the head of that mercenary according to the American untrusted whims and policies including alliances on the ground, since those who are supported by today is not necessarily the same adopted instrument for tomorrow, and who professes their friendship and practices aggression defending it, will have no guarantee that they won't be its opponent soon, including those who blow their fantasies in artificial entities, which will not be more than a field of experiences for the American fickle and volatile moods .. !!
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf