By Editor in chief: Ali Kassem
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Arab and regional space is no longer governed only by what produced in the secret chambers, or framed only by what was passed under the table, as it was called on the secret agreements at the time, when producing those political coordinates with what is accumulated on them, but witnesses what is agreed publicly while the Arab situation stands as a kind of tangible and intangible being unable to express or reject or to show doubts and concerns about it. The most terrible that it is meant to be untold, and others is forbidden to it, and what is permissible for the functional some by its publicity is forbidden to others even in secret.

The mobilization for President Trump's visit takes place in public. The subpoenas of leaders and kings are no longer as secret as they are being circulated, or what has become known according to the Saudi invitation to attend the summit to be held with President Trump in Riyadh. The most serious is that everyone is aware of its schedule, terms and coming agendas and even what is resulted in spite of differences in the perception of the functional role assigned to each party.

The war is declared .. The maps and coordinates of the confrontation and even its tools have been detailed according to be at the size of the new executive director. The principle, which says: he who is not with us is against us, is prevailing until further notice, since the identity of those who want to be with them become explicit and clear, in details, while those who are not with them, they need some time until crystallization. The gray area or the silent mass that oscillates between this and that dwindling or waning, where there it is not necessarily that all those who are not called to the meeting, they don't want to be with them, and not everyone is called necessarily is not against them .. !!

The compulsory screening according to the Saudi-American formula takes the Arab and Islamic spaces to an additional trenching, which may be the most disastrous in modern history. It necessarily leads to an inevitable parallel alignment, so it sets the determinants of confrontation on grounds that are not limited to sectarianism, or limited to factors of traditional conflict, but change the identity of the conflict to the local factors exaggerating in its commotion to the extent that the region is preparing for the wars of one hundred years and even more, as the wars of the years sparked by the Arab frost by its swollen sights did not achieve the goal, so it was necessary to prepare for wars in which identity is amended, and equation of friend and enemy type is changed according to the US decision and Israel's desire, to be a partner on the table and without having a need to closed rooms.

From the wars of maps in which latitudes and longitudes tangled and collided by the struggle of interests and ambitions besides the bankruptcy of policies, projects and schemes, to the wars of moved commotion awakened by sponsors of destruction in the region and followers of the functional tasks as entities expressing the political impasse of the West, for the product to be similar or identical in the context of quotas on deals that exceed the status of a century, to be the biggest deals taking place in history, and the next will be greater and greater and larger.

It is difficult to understand the fabricated concerns without taking into account of the context of similar experiences, where differences are no longer in the public wars that are prepared, or in their owners talking openly, but in the context of the search for points of ignition to fuel the situation until passing the deals in which directions are the same while the compass of the Arabic destination is lost.

As such, the Arab space and the regional one necessarily become before challenges of political, military and existential alignment, because the battle is not a conflict on the eroded or replaced borders or those that are intended to be formed by the ambitions and areas of terrorist action for the terrorist organizations to be a part of their coordinates, but in combat formations that drain the nation and its energies, and take the scene to the abyss after years of queuing on its edge. This will lead to the assertion that everyone is concerned in it, whether in the maps of the declared wars or was implicit without any announcement or whether it is deferred.

The confrontation is being launched by the Saudi mobilization in front of the American president, and the confrontation that its fronts are opened in the shadow of an urgent talk about the need to search in the fortified remains, or in the plucks of the Arab action abandoned by relying on what accumulated by the experience in Syria from its regional and international alliances, mobilizing what is possible and renewing what may work. The existing models may not live up to the ambition, but by experience, they were and will remain an option with new tools imposed by the rhythm of the confrontation, while its edges with its various formations are controlled by the rhythm of the current conflict based on the instincts of dependency and functional roles, where the Arab backwardness in the slogans of the recent past, and the colonialism with the Zionism are entrenching according to the rhythm of its usual legacy, and splitting on its sides marking a crucial forced confrontation that will not be confined to the region, but it will have a global repercussions which does not accept the division by two, and cannot endure the sequel defeat or half a victory.

Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf