By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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The US secretary of war, who is touring the region at three stations, supposes that war is the solid force of his next project, or the fulcrum of future alliances of aggression. He rearranges the details of the marginal accessories that the American visitor has not reached by the new tariff to catch the big stick, which is almost crashed in more than one point, despite that some of the capitals that he dropped from his visit do not hide their resentment and complain, which are exaggerated and encouraged the American making free offers.
The Americans did not underestimate the warm welcome even if by different levels since the American hasn't gotten used that the war secretary's tours to be free or without drawing the next curve of action, especially when they are linked to a general mood that shows the current administration preparing to translate its bank of pre-prepared wars and going into debating them as proactive steps taken to define the roles, functions and tasks according to the determinants and conditions that became clear without missing the role of the personal and self-image of the Secretary of War himself, which he insists to show, whether required or not.
But it seems that these tables are not everything, and what is hidden from them was embarrassing for the Americans in some respects. The question is not limited to what America plans, but there are some regional prohibitions in which Egypt finds, at least, a clear difficulty, it doesn't hide that its join to the American calculations will be politically expensive, which is feared in light of the repercussions make Cairo feels that its role within that system takes it far away from the impact and effectiveness, and even arranging it may be difficult to bear the consequences and repercussions, and imposed of the repercussions, which won't be limited to the Egyptian interior, but will have regional reflux circles, which we do not believe that Egypt will take adventure at least for the time being.
However, this does not mean that the American attempt will stop at the limits of the Egyptian reservation, or will adopt it in principle, but will pursue a policy of pressure to the end. It will go into the policy of incitement and intimidation added to the factors of pressure from Saudi and Israeli, since they have already realized that any of the forms of regional action will remain ineffective without Egypt, even if by various forms of potential alliances - whatever their motives or pretexts – they cannot be translated on the ground without activating the position in which Egypt will stand, and this is settled, whether by political reading or based on previous experiences.
The difference is that the factors of pressure and motivation seem to be based on self-detonating factors, just like the US-sponsored war project, which the US administration knows well, and the US Secretary of War will touch on this tour. The Saudi enthusiasm for these war projects by fund, doesn't ever mean that the data and conditions are convenient for the era of the American recklessness. This also applies to the scene of the Israeli incitement itself, and that the seeds of failure of the organic and structural origin of the composition of alliances, as they are of objective dimensions arising from factors and cards of strength in the other cuff, will make any adventure fraught with curves that no one can guarantee its limits or the space it occupies, even if America re-creates alliances under false and deceptive sectarian slogans such as moderation that is arousing regional hatred by experimentation.
Between the Egyptian hesitation, which reaches at some levels to the limits of rejection or warning of consequences and sometimes advice by its alternatives, and the Saudi-Israeli desperate rush, comes the formation of the equation of the future of the endless wars of the United States, whether by proxy or by origin of itself, though appeared cuff of weights shows an American waiting drawn by the risks that may face the American adventure, especially when it is linked to war projects sponsored by Trump's adviser on the Korean Peninsula and East Asia in general, which also appeared to be at contraction phase, at least, in the rhetoric that has subsided.
Until the US Secretary of war's tour ends, the American appetite seems insatiable on a line of mixed and contradicted messages' line in the target, while it faces the dilemma of subjective and self infertility resulting from the accumulation of what is available to the war minister's from details expressing the fragility of what the American is waiting for and the dependable tools and pillars that are shaking from inside, while every one of them faces enough self-defeating factors, which the US secretary must have touched and knew them, or at least, realized the absurdity of betting on the sale of illusions and the purchase of pre-paid dues.
Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf