By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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Astana tables, which were prepared with special care by the Kazakh diplomacy beside continuous keeping up from its Russian counterpart, were not able to withhold part of the absurd, which is publicly practiced by some parties, whether emerged around it or wanted by some of them to be under it, and both whether related to the delay of the arrival or has been associated with the identity of the participants, where the Turkish «guarantor» party practiced testing its trial balloons, despite the required data and assets to be represented both if succeeded in forming its mercenaries or needed some time until it can adjust the strings of their regional and international references that are not necessarily limited to Turkey alone.

It is obvious through following-up that some regional operating arms have entered the deactivation line early, and before their representatives arrive to Astana, in an experimental rehearsal on the obstruction, amid the accumulation of additional obstacles in which the field developments resulting from terrorist organizations fight with each other for influence and acquisitions loom, and which are managed by the Turkish regime which is in a hurry to expose its message. The essence of this message is that "Nusra" the Turkish regime's essential stepdaughter being on the list of terrorist organizations precludes achieving what it wants. Moreover, it puts the Turkish regime in the clear inability to lead Nusra as it wants, because Nusra remains as the basic body of these organizations while the latest developments have increased its presence and existence.
This does not mean that these details are missed by the organizers or the Russian and Iranian diplomats alike, with evidence that the Turkish delay did not lead to the cessation of the agenda of the meetings in Astana, as it did not added what could increase the difficulties it faces, as far as it reveals the Turkish diplomacy's unveiled cards. So, the coming few days will be full of qualitative additions in revealing the Turkish regime, which may be forced to throw card of Nusra in the face of Astana as a possible explosive option, which weighs, at least, what leaks from the consequences of Jordan's entry on the line, and which the terrorist organizations supported by Saudi side, met with a lot of reticence.
It is not due to the objection to the Jordanian side which they have experienced its declared and undeclared affection and alliance, but on its functional role assigned to it by the US new administration, which is seen by many terrorist organizations as not an exact copy of the previous administration. These organizations have enough motives and reasons to fear of slipping in the promises that may be difficult to be reassured of their effect or results, especially that this sudden entry comes after the visit of the king of Jordan to Washington. Thus, whatever the motives and justifications or reasons, it remains as a worrying factor, whether by American direct operations' order or was a result of a Jordanian right reading - in some cases - to the balance of power and centers of influence at the regional and international levels.
While the results of the first day will remain pending until the last day, which is supposed to have already been carried out without extending the meetings of Astana, what it shows in the closed and open halls and in bilateral or multilateral meetings, serves as a platform suitable for providing models of approaches to what will accrue to the headlines in Geneva. This is not from the gate of optimism or pessimism, nor is it a positive or negative view, but from the convictions that are to be formed depending on the course of events and the final conclusions, which aver that Turkey doesn't own initially the trust level, and that pushing these terrorist organizations for political solution is a dangerous tampering in the components of the political process, and that the regional and international operators haven't had conviction to ripe, yet.
This applies to the political scene as a whole, as it fits to be a description of the tables of capital Kazakh after a while, where the difference between what is exposed by the files on the table by those who wanted to be around, and what was meant to be passed underneath, just like the difference between the seriousness and procrastination or stall, between those who want to fight against terrorism and ready for dialogue and those who support terrorism and hide behind politics to gain time waiting for a change in the balance or cuff or rules of engagement .. which will never happen .. !!
The interesting issue in Astana –new and old- meeting is no longer just those questions without any answers, but has become the corridors of tampering that accumulate on margins after filling the core titles in search for new puzzles to be added to the previous ones, ranging from repeated violations by terrorist organizations, but not to end with the subsequent cloning of the names and factions, which some of them are absent and others attend under new or old names, passing through the puzzle of Jordan's presence with its suspicious guarantee, to end with the quality of the Turkish procrastination supported by the language of political and field escalation, which is dawdle on the illusion of a tactical change on the ground, which will not happen and political clarity determined by the American approach that needs to take longer than expected

Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf