By Editor in Chief: Ali Kassem
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President Obama did not mention in his farewell address what may be added to the era of eight lean years passed witnessed by the world since he has been unable to dispel the belief to some degree of certainty that these eight years were the most difficult for mankind, and perhaps the most dangerous in the context of what was produced by his administration trying to be creative in using chaos and destruction, regionally and internationally, to be on the size of the retaliated facts, both concerning maintaining the hegemony and what it may impose, or what may associate with the American situation to perpetuate its domination on the international scene.

Although the case of show for a lot of points that can be recorded in his favor by propaganda, he failed, at least in the marketing of what questions the clear conclusions that America, which he took the reins of its government eight years ago, is no longer the same, which he will deliver to his successor after few days. The same case itself applies to the world and its issues and problems that have doubled, while the list of threatening risks has become more visible than ever, with what it added of the qualitative risks that weren't included even in the forecasts or expectations.

This does not fall within the framework to judge the era of his leadership, which we believe that there are those who preceded us to set judgments on them, knowing that he is entrusted with it, but in the context of the outcome on which the farewell speech was based, which it has enough to aver that the region bore the brunt of an era that may be the worst in the American history , while it is impossible to compare justifications and excuses between what the world and the region specifically before his era and now. It is not outweigh his administration but it counts on him but not for him, especially in light of releasing the risks which the Us shoulders the brunt of many of them, and the rest is shared with its tools and alliances that have received the US green light to generalize the chaos and destruction wherever and whenever it went, and some of them have illusions swollen to the point of imagination that it fits to become an alternative to America or able to fill the vacuum it left.

It is a long list here more than the ability of the maps of explosive areas to absorb, which toured in the west and the east of the world as they are in the north and south, moving according to what was produced from the hotbeds of conflict for years if not decades to come, because of what was planted by the American policy, which tried to fill vacuum of its absence with more conflict factors awakening what was asleep from the sedition tools, fueling what was hidden from the evidences of this conflict and its manifestations and mobile determinants, which kept the bombs cultivated in all of the places that the US umbrella left.. !!

Perhaps the inventory account held by the Americans in advance when they elected Trump as a substitute to what they know as a reproduction of the current administration and more than the origin itself, provided an evidence that the Americans rejected Obama's and his elites policy, and that his era is not positive, and it does not outweigh acceptance or satisfaction with the policies for which the US pays a tax of its mistakes and worried about the price that will be paid tomorrow and perhaps beyond, by virtue of that what is established by Obama administration cannot be erased and cannot be exceed by any variables or ignored what accumulated to a certain extent of satiety .. !!

There is no doubt that Obama is fluent in political arguments having been recorded in more than a site, but he wasn't mastered its scenes and clues which are refuted by the fact, because the resulting consequences are still registered its presence on the international scene, while «heralding» at least, of additional lean years that may have been lengthened more than what some believe or imagine, and that the problem is not in the inverted approach which he masters in using it, since what he ignores in his speech was more than mentioned, and what he deliberately forgot was more serious than what he intended to focus on. In both cases, the world remains in front of the threat and spread of terrorism as never happens over decades ago, or perhaps in an unprecedented way.

Obama in his farewell address did not dispel fears or concerns as much as he enhanced them as a reality, and through an open letter and by prominent titles, pending diaries the world has accustomed to find in some of its lines what missed in the letters of other former presidents, and what is hidden by Obama claims himself, and perhaps, his coming memoirs will precede the ones of his predecessors, since he was a witness and participant in the hottest eras of the world, and a performer of the US policy that overstated the unfairness in the world's countries and peoples, and what is more dangerous that it insults the slogans of which the Americans are proud trying to hide behind them, headed by usurped democracy and wasted human rights. . !!

Translated by Amal Suleiman Ma'rouf